High School goes by quickly and as students come and go so do the parents

We are ALWAYS looking for new parents to get involved with what your children love to do and support this great organization at the same time.


Please join us at our next meeting and see what C.A.T.S. is all about...




All Meetings are held in the Wilmington High School Library.


Here is part of am email from a former parent.


To all the past, current, and future C.A.T.S members,


Thanks for all we accomplished and thanks for all the fun doing it.I hope the organization continues on the mission that we started and the parents of the new and future choir and theatre students get involved and continue doing amazing things to benefit their children. I found that the best way to stay involved in your children's lives is to get out and get involved in their activities. I know if you get involved with C.A.T.S  you will have as much enjoyment as I.


 Lou Forte


Here is another quote from an unknown parent:


" I never knew what C.A.T.S. was all about. When I went to the performances I just walked in and went to my seat. I never really thought of what went into preparing for the evening.  I also thought my son wouldn't want me there, but it was the exact opposite. Every time he saw me in the lobby he would either smile and wave or come over and ask how things were going. 

I can honestly say it has been some of the best times I have ever had".